Our New Veggie Patch + Crazy Weather!


I was watching Gardener’s World on Saturday morning and decided it was finally time to make that raised bed to grow some veggies in. Monty said that you can fill it with Hungarian Rye seed to act as a green manure protecting the space until Spring. So I sent Hubby to work right away to build me one. We’d talked about doing this for a while but weren’t ready to decide where to put it and what to grow in there.

Hubby was so pleased to be given a new project to do, he loves working with scraps of wood to create things.




Finished!! I am so pleased with it. We just need to get some compost to put in and then sow our seeds Open-mouthed smile


Ellie approves lol!

Just as we finished and were ready for lunch look what happened…


Hail!! In August!!! And not just little tiny hail, big huge hail!! Glad we had finished and could shelter inside.



View from our kitchen window.

It didn’t last long thankfully and the sun came back out. My prayers are with those affected by the hurricane.

Hope you all are safe and well.





  1. Angel says

    looks great! can’t wait to see what you grow in there. that crazy hail! hope it didn’t ruin any of your other pretty flowers

  2. says

    Good work! I hope you get many delicious veggies. I tried to grow a couple this year, but didn’t have any luck. I pulled up my radishes to find… absolutely nothing!

  3. says

    Such a sweet garden. How nice that your husband enjoys making things for you. Mine does too but lately the routine maintenance keeps us from doing some of the fun stuff.

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